Hildene Capital Management


Hildene Capital Management ("Hildene") is an SEC-registered, employee-owned and multiple award-winning asset management firm. The firm is based in Stamford, CT and manages approximately $1.5 billion in niche structured finance investments. Brett Jefferson, President and CIO, founded Hildene in 2008 to capitalize on opportunities in structured credit following a number of successful years at Marathon and has been investing in the space since the mid-1990s.


Hildene's investment process is founded on a disciplined, systematic approach to structured credit investments. Hildene's focus is on identifying inefficiencies within the underlying assets or the structure itself, evaluating the embedded option values of structured securities, and capitalizing on its findings. Preparation enables Hildene to capture limited opportunities before they recede. Hildene seeks to "buy inefficiency" in making calculated investments where returns will be realized from acquiring deep fundamental value in inefficient markets.


Hildene's investment philosophy is underpinned by 3 guiding principles: (i) focus on niche parts of the structured finance market which exhibit inefficiencies, (ii) appropriately manage the scale of opportunities, and (iii) align its interests with investors through its fees: we are not only sizeable investors in our funds, but we further defer a substantial portion of our incentive fee until redemption.



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