Backstop Solutions Group, LLC


Bringing agility to the alternative investment industry for over 13 years, Backstop Solutions has provided cloud-based systems that empower our clients to adapt quickly to complex operational challenges. As the alternative investment industry has grown in size and complexity, Backstop has evolved to support the entire lifecycle of alternative investments, allowing our clients to achieve greater agility by centralizing and streamlining many of their operational needs and data.


The Backstop Suite's cohesive solutions have become the gold standard across the alternative investment world.


The Backstop Suite helps our fund manager clients strengthen their relationships with investors and interact with their many service providers while also maintaining their ability to adapt to the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.


Allocators use these same components of the suite in addition to Backstop's research and portfolio management features to make better investment decisions and accurately account for their investment activity.


We are honored to have helped accelerate the growth of the alternative investment industry. We look forward to evolving with our clients and continuing to support them in their quest for operational agility and improved business performance.



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